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What makes us different:

The two forming principals have over 35 years combined consulting experience and specialize in roofing systems. 


T.J. Allen Partners use their breadth of technical experience to provide a range of solutions tailored to meet their clients’ needs.  They keep their clients’ interests central in every evaluation and recommendation providing the end user of the property asset the peace of mind that they are managing their investment wisely. 


They also apply their highly skilled technical understanding in the field on all repair projects making sure each job has an experienced eye able to identify deficiencies and solve problems in a timely fashion to avoid delays and minimize the impact on the facility.

What we offer:

  • Building component performance evaluations for roofs, walls, windows/doors and parking garages to assess deterioration and leakage concerns.


  • Rehabilitation services for roofs, balconies, walls, window/doors, and parking garages including the preparation of bid documents for tendering, technical drawings/specifications, contract administration and construction review.


  • Capital planning for properties or individual significant capital expenditure building components.

News & Publications

Spring 2017


The Importance of Hiring Qualified Roofing Advice: by Wesley Lamb, President - OIRCA: "My last piece of advice: fix your roof first and stay away from those salespeople who show up at your door unannounced with the latest, greatest roofing solution.  Do your homework and work with a roofing professional."

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Head Office
T.J. Allen Partners Inc.

120 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 1000
Toronto, ON  M4P 1E2





Serviced Sectors

Industrial: warehouses and manufacturing facilities

Residential: high- and low-rise rental and condominium buildings

Commercial: retail, office buildings, mixed use

Institutional​​​​​: hospitals, schools, police/court facilities, power generation


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